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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Test! Don’t guess.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ (FDN) is a holistic approach that works to seek out, identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to a person’s main health complaints. FDN is an “Opt-in model of self-care” meaning you are the person in charge of your health and wellness.

I use non-invasive laboratory tests to find hidden internal stressors and their root causes. With this step-by-step method I can assess the functions and pathways of the Hormone, Immune, Digestion, and Detoxification systems. Basically, everything we need to have running smoothly for optimal health.

Why should we test these systems?

When these systems start to malfunction, symptoms present themselves such as:

  • Allergies, acne, and rosacea
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Emotional fragility
  • Headaches and fogginess
  • Indigestion and bloating
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Insomnia and wakefulness
  • Low sex drive
  • PMS, skin, and hair problems
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain and weight loss

If you prefer drug-free, natural solutions to health problems, then stop chasing symptoms and get to the root cause!

Functional Assessments Available

  • Adrenal Stress Profile (Salivary)
    • Evaluates Steroidal Hormone Balance & pathways
    • Measures stress hormone cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone, Melatonin
  • Metabolic Assessment Profile (Urine)
    • Digestion/Detoxification/Immunity
    • Indican (protein digestion), Free Radicals, Liver Function
  • Intestinal Barrier Function Test (Salivary)
    • Assesses the mucosal surface integrity and leaky gut
    • Secretory IgA, Antibodies to Anaerobic/Aerobic Bacteria, Yeast, and Dietary Proteins (dairy, soy, wheat, egg, corn)
  • GI Pathogen Screen (Stool)
    • Intestinal microflora screen – tests parasites and pathogens
    • Ova & parasites x 4 (Trichrome stain) plus antigens to Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum, Entamoeba histolytica, and Helicobacter pylori. Plus culture x 1: Bacteria, fungi, yeasts, occult blood, Clostridium difficile: Colitis toxins A & B.
  • Mediator Release Test (MRT) Food Sensitivity (Blood)
    • Tests for 120 food and 30 food chemical sensitivities

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If you are interested in nutritional therapy, but are not sure it’s right for you, I offer a free one-hour consultation. This is a chance for us to get to know each other. We will go over your health history, evaluate your needs and goals, and I will explain my approach to nutrition. I can work one-on-one in person, by phone or Skype for out of area clients. Call 805.242.3677 or email me or click here to schedule your free consultation today!

Book your free health consultation!

Book Your Free Consultation

To find out how nutritional therapy can help you, call (805) 242-3677 or schedule your appointment online for a FREE health consultation today. This is a chance for us to get to know each other. We will evaluate your needs and goals, while I will explain my approach to nutrition. I can work one-on-one in person, by phone or video chat for out-of-area clients.
Laureen Wallravin, NTP
San Luis Obispo County
(805) 242-3677

is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in a holistic approach to nutrition and total body wellness. She helps clients with digestive, blood sugar, hormone, immune, and detoxification imbalances. Her methods include a Metabolic Type Diet, functional diagnostic testing, and food sensitivity testing (MRT). Laureen’s practice is located in Grover Beach and she serves the surrounding areas of the Central Coast including Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, and Morro Bay.