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Sidecar Strokes

Sidecar Strokes

January 12, 2012 |  by  |  Restaurants

For those looking for an immense menu designed to cater to everyone’s likes and dislikes…this is not the place for you. Sidecar’s menu is rather small compared to the typical restaurant trying make sure they’ve got everyone covered, which most of the time ends up failing or ending up with mediocre food due to a lack of focus. Sidecar excels at focus. I happen to be in when Chef John was working up the magical maple-bacon ketchup for my favorite burger in town, the Sidecar Burger, and got to witness the passion put into each and every dish along with each and every item that goes into that dish. I love that they source locally and use seasonal ingredients as much as possible, but being the opposite of fat phobic I must say I am freaking ecstatic to have a restaurant serving things like Pumpkin soup with sage, smoked fat, and Gopher Glen apple creme fraiche. Uh yeah, they did that…smoked fat.


A culinary adventure

by Emily Buckley


If you want a culinary adventure, Kreuzberg’s saucy sister Sidecar SLO will provide you with an experience just about as exciting as a ride in a real sidecar, minus the dying pastime of using fossil fuels for fun.

In a space that melds comfort and creativity, local art hangs on starlit wall murals, complemented by locally made furniture and black-and-white photos, including one depicting Big Sky’s legendary 13-year-old alley cat.

In a restaurant scene that Executive Chef John Blevins deems “behind the times,” he feels that “by educating and exposing new concepts” he can offer something unique, interesting, and intimate, catering to people who appreciate the experience of eating.

Using mostly seasonal local produce, meats, and resources, Sidecar boasts a variety of sumptuous menu items for the curious palate to peruse, including vegan and vegetarian options. In the spirit of variety being the spice of life, the menu changes daily, with its charming creations written simply on the big brown paper banner posted outside the brick-red slender and tall building. The menu is also available at

Go there Tuesday through Sunday from 5 to 11 p.m. and find Blevins and his girlfriend, sous chef Analiesa Gosnell, cooking up dishes like local sea bass, black chickpea ragout, chanterelles, caramelized fennel, and gribiche with added essential ingredients of smiles and love.

Gosnell, a Cal Poly ag business and marketing grad, has extensive experience working with food distributors. And Blevins is a southern gentleman who hails from Georgia, with stints in Alaska, Las Vegas, New York, and most recently Berkeley’s Gather Restaurant.

Not only is a majority of the produce and meat from local farmers, but the liquor is also lovely, with more than half of the alcoholic arsenal produced by small family distilleries. A recently lifted law prohibiting restaurants and bars from concocting and serving alcoholic infusions adds another exciting avenue that head chef Grace Miller plans to explore. Think about a nice vodka complemented by subtle vanilla and lavender nuances, or cinnamon cardamom brandy spiced just right. In addition to liquor, Sidecar SLO prides itself on maintaining an impressive and unique beer selection, featuring international beers.

“We are the only ones in town who serve Belgian beer,” said manager and head chef Miller.

They so pride themselves on offering something different, if they find out someone else in town is serving the same beer, they change the taps. Old faithful, PBR, hails as the tried-and-true standby and a tribute to the “Poor but Sexy” Inc. philosophy, with 15 other drink choices.

Soul Food Sunday kicked off Sunday, Jan. 9, with a family-style sit-down soiree, including an appetizer or salad, entree, and dessert for $18 a head. Check out the website for colorful photos of signature dishes, and to learn more about this place and the people behind it. Stay tuned for live events to come, with rumors of jazz and the like to talk, taste, and sip to.

Sidecar is at 1127 Broad St. in San Luis Obispo. For more information, call 540-5340 or visit

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