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Chewing Challenge

Chewing Challenge

March 22, 2010 |  by  |  Nutrition

That’s right, chewing! Not something you think about every day, right?

The goal of our digestive system is to break food down into molecules small enough to be digested. It’s an amazing system if you think about what a big job it has. Chewing is the beginning of digestion; carbohydrates start breaking down in our mouth with a little help from the enzyme amylase in our saliva. We all heard “chew your food!” from our parents growing up and probably say the same to our own kids. My son is famous for taking huge bites and not chewing…he’s 15, he’ll grow out of it, right? When we don’t chew properly and swallow big chunks of foods, we stress our digestive system out and make it work harder than it needs to.

So, I thought I would put a challenge out to everyone to be a conscience chewer this week. I’ve been really trying to do this and it’s harder than you think!

First, take a minute and relax before you start to eat. Take a few deep breaths and be aware of what you’re really doing; you’re giving your body the nourishment it needs to be healthy and to function for us. A couple of tricks my teacher told us is to put your fork down in between bites or eat with your non-dominate hand.

Try it and see how you feel.
Did you get full faster?
Did you feel any different than normal…less bloating?
Did you enjoy your food more?

Drink your solids, chew your liquids!

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